Services Offered

Sumai prides itself in offering the complete spectrum of Designing and Installation services for grid-connected, battery back-up as well as hybrid solar systems for both ground mount as well as roof mount type projects. Our technical, electrical as well as mechanical expertise are the sturdy pillars on which we have steadied ours skills in strong planning & prioritization backed with immaculate supervision & team management for the unique challenges posed by specific site requirements and material availability.

List of Service

Site Survey

This comprises of load assessment, solar potential evaluation, availability of existing earthing and electrical infrastructure, natural conditions such as temperature & solar irradiation and soil evaluation

Preliminary Plant Designing

Based on site-survey the following technical drawings and documents are created:

  • PV simulation with PVSyst analyzing the solar potential of site
  • 3D and 2D design using IDEAS, AutoCAD showing assembly of solar mounting structures
  • Electrical SLDs in AutoCAD to illustrate all electrical connections for DC & AC side
  • PV array layout in AutoCAD demonstrating panel arrangement at site
  • 3D animations for installers for smoother mechanical assembling and electrical wiring
  • Wind load structural analysis using STAAD.Pro

Technical & Economical Due Diligence

We leverage our strong vendor network to source components at highly competitive rates while our vendor-neutral approach allows us to select the optimal components for each unique site, ensuring best quality and cost factors.

Project Planning

Once the design and sourcing decisions have taken place, the technical and availability information is used to plan the execution stage of the project where further factors are considered so that ample resources are made available for any kind of crisis management that may be experienced.

Drawing and Design Approvals

The design drawings have to be submitted to municipal or state departments for obtaining clearances and permits for the solar installation where in the earlier technical and economic diligence in selection of type of modules, inverters and mounting systems are selected results in smooth final approval design of the plant.

Testing & Delivery

Every component including all BOS that go through us is passed through all the rigorous electrical and mechanical testing before delivery to ensure least delay in installation once they are at site.

Installation & Commissioning

Execution is commenced as per preplanned schedule to ensure every participating party is kept in the loop be it the client, the execution team or individual component vendors, leading to seamless installation. All pre-commissioning tests are carried out before final commissioning day to avoid any last minute hiccups with the government officials present.

Training for preventive maintenance

We believe in best preventive measures at site once the energy generation commences, so that close to nil losses are experienced by our customers. The technical team responsible for maintaining the plant at clients end is given complete training for same with detailed reference manuals to analyze and resolve any electrical complications that might occur in future.

The Sumai Edge

Apart from our technical expertise, we have leveraged on our years of experience in solar. We have the benefit of timely access to best-in-industry tools & tackles as well as machinery, based on site requirements. We have also built strong manpower resource with enough supervisors, skilled as well as unskilled force, ready to work 24*7 in shifts and mobilise immediately if situation demands. This edge allows us to ensure timely completion of projects with the required accuracy, resulting in highest satisfied customers.