Product Offerings

Our Product Offerings

Sumai has gained dexterity in the manufacturing of junction boxes and distribution boxes, which form the main electrical pillars on which PV solar systems depend for smooth functioning. The DC as well as AC electrical sides of such a system require these components for monitoring, controlling, cost-saving and maintenance purposes.

The Sumai Edge

We provide solutions that ensure highest safety for uninterrupted power generation and for maintenance staff. Our solutions are available for complete range of sub-components to deal with all types of natural calamities and mechanical breakdown with least cost effects. All our product configurations and sub-component selection is done so as to provide high reliability, adaptability and flexibility. Each and every sub-component used is tested/certified as per Nation/international standard and the final product offerings go through strict tests for high/low temperature. The internal wiring is simplified and convenient to ensure easy installation.

Vendor Strength

Highest quality standards with timely procurement can be maintained only with a strong back up of vendors who are equally dedicated towards quality, especially in a growing industry like solar. The veterans forming our team have indisputably achieved the right skills for vendor relationship management with the right technical bend. Vendor selection process entails detailed diligence with complete background and credibility check. Further, vendors who are found worthy during initial orders become part of the Sumai family and business sharing opportunities are extended to the dedicated and loyal vendors.

Quality Standards

Sumai strongly advocates supplying products manufactured only of world class standards. To back this up we ensure our products use components approved for the best-in-industry quality standards.


Sumai’s founding stones were laid in Care Instrument’s sturdy set-up where immaculate operations and efficient manufacturing were at the core of infrastructure planning. Besides, Mr. Verma’s meticulous approach during his stints in the solar field ensured technically and operationally strong infrastructure as an integral part at Sumai. The store & workshop floor design ensures smooth manufacturing cycle allowing workmen to focus entirely on defined electrical design and seamlessly deliver the end-products in time.