Array Junction Box (AJB)

Sumai offers bespoke AJB/DCDB solutions for Roof top and large-scale PV project alike, for indoor as well as outdoor wall mount, also adaptable to harsh environment. We can provide all of the following sub-components based on the unique requirement of each site:

  • DC Fuse
  • DC surge protection device
  • DC circuit breaker or DC isolator switch
  • IP 65 waterproof, anti-dust and anti-ultraviolet design
  • Polycarbonate, FRP or cold rolled steel enclosure

Each and every sub-component used is tested/certified as per Nation/international standard and the final product offerings go through strict tests for high/low temperature. The internal wiring is simplified and convenient to ensure easy installation.

Technical parameters

Description Electrical Parameter
System Max. DC Voltage 1000V
Max Input Current for each string 15 Amp
Max Input string 1 to 10
Max Output switch current rating 16A/32 A/64A/100A
Number of Inverter MPPT 1/ 2
Number of Output strings Up to 10
Lightning Protection
Category of test Type-2 protection
Nominal discharge current 20kA
Max discharge current 40kA
Voltage protection level 3.8kV
Max operating Voltage 1050V
Number of Poles 3P
Structure characteristic Plug-push module
Enclosure protection grade IP 65/67/68
Output switch DC isolation switch(optional)/DC Circuit breaker(Optional)
Output connectors MC4/PG Glands
PV DC fuse Standard
PV Surge protector Standard
Preventing Diode Optional
Enclosure Material Polycarbonate /FRP/ Cold rolled steel
Mounting method Wall mounting / frame mounting
Operating Temperature -25 to +55°C
Permissible relative humidity 0-95% , no condensation
Enclosure size Standard