About Us

After gaining respectable on-field and off-field experience in solar industry, we recognized the need for young techpreneurs to contribute to the Renewable energy movement taking place worldwide today. We have a firsthand experience of the nitty-gritties of this industry having been employed in the installation sector for a long time. This allows us a deep understanding of the shortfalls in the vendor as well as service market. Hence we designed a model based on forward integration, moving from manufacturing of some of the most important electrical components to offering designing and installation services.

Our Mission

To efficiently fulfil the technical gaps in the products as well as services market of the booming Solar Industry

Team backing up Sumai

Production Team

The senior supervisory production team comprises of handpicked members with expertise and aptitude for electrical and solar component manufacturing. They flaunt an average experience of more than 5 yrs and have a flair for work with intuitive knowledge that’s a result of extended on-floor experience. They set up on-floor systems to maintain highest quality and train the junior workers with respectable influence, further creating good work environment.

Installation Team

The installation team at Sumai is headed & supervised by Mr. Verma himself, with his domineering on-field experience and his paramount sensitivity towards on-field encounters. Under such tutelage, the prudence required to ensure timely and efficient completion of installation projects gets ingrained in the team’s DNA. The team acquired the right soft-skills to handle vendor & client-end executives as well as the headstrong tendencies required to get the job done.

Operations & Systems

The success of a company depends on how well it has performed in setting up systems that ensure uninterrupted operations. Be it punctual delivery of products & services or timely payments by clients, optimum profits can be met only as successfully as the operations are systemized seamlessly. Sumai’s operations have been put in place keeping in mind the nuances exclusive to the solar industry. Coordination of vendor payments cycles with client payments, project schedules between vedors, internal team and clients as well as crisis management activities; all have been considered well so as to form a comprehensive operations system.

People Policies at Sumai

We strongly advocate the belief that human resource is the most important resource for any company to survive competitive market, more so if one is a start-up in this inceptive industry of solar. Our time spent working in this industry has allowed us access to the best in class people, be it our in-house team or our esteemed vendors. During our mutual dealings, most of them have found our policies to be growth-oriented and win-win and we like to believe they will stick around with us for years to come. We have also been supported well since such humble beginnings by some of the best clients a solar start-up can ask for and repeat business from them is proof enough for us to believe we have given satisfactory results, at the very least.

Mr. Manish Verma

Leadership at Sumai

Sumai Renewable Energy Solutions is headed by Mr. Manish Verma, a Diploma holder in Electrical Engineering. He started his career as a site engineer in solar projects as early as 2001, and consistently made progress as project manager, project head as well as technical head during his stints with various solar companies.

Through immense dedication combined with his obstinate passion for this field, he trained himself to become an expert in designing projects ranging from kW scale to MW scale with high accuracy and comprehensive site assessments.

His understanding of the solar market and his unyielding entrepreneurial streak allowed him to plunge into assembling of AJBs, ACDBs and SMUs under the Care group umbrella. The expertise gained during ceaseless hard work on sites all those years earlier, allowed him to forward integrate the business into Installation and EPC Services.